GCSE and A Level Results 2018

Another very successful year for my students, with many 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s at GCSE and all A level students achieving the grades they needed for university courses.

Summer 2015 GCSE and A level results

It has been another successful year at English Tuition Cheltenham with a very satisfying set of results. It has been a great pleasure to hear so many instances of good news from students and to know that their newly-gained qualifications have contributed towards the next stage of their lives. Good luck to those of you who are moving on to A level choices and to universities and welcome back to those students who are returning to tuition to support A level English studies and another year of hard work!

GCSE and A level successes at English Tuition Cheltenham Summer 2013

It has been very rewarding to have so many successful students again this year in both GCSE English and A level English. I have really enjoyed tutoring a wide variety of students at English Tuition Cheltenham during the academic year and it is very satisfying to know that they can now move on to the next stage in their academic careers. I look forward to working with new students in September, along with welcoming back existing students who are continuing their studies with me.

Have a look at the testimonials page to see some of the latest comments from satisfied parents and tutees.

English Tuition for September 2013 – Book Now

Now is the perfect time to think ahead and assess your child’s academic needs for next year.

If your child could do with some extra help in progressing through Key stage 3, moving up to Key stage 4 or preparing to sit GCSEs or A levels in English next year, then some extra help will go a long way in ensuring their success.

English tuition slots at English Tuition Cheltenham for September 2013 are already being booked up fast, so, if you would like to ensure your child’s success in the next academic year, contact me now to discuss your individual needs and to reserve a slot in another hectic academic year.

Why not get in touch with me to see what regular dates and times I still have left and to arrange a time that will suit your and your child’s busy lives.

Write to me at rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk or telephone me on 01242 251564 / 07840622571.



Summer Holiday English Tuition – Book Now

The summer holidays are, of course, a time for relaxation and recuperation.

However, they are also an excellent time to boost your child’s academic success and to maintain their levels of written work and reading progress, rather than allowing them to forget everything they have learned!

Booster sessions over the summer holidays, focusing on key skills such as grammar, spelling and punctuation along with analytical reading and writing to describe, imagine and persuade will ensure your child is primed and ready for the new academic year. These tuition sessions will reinforce what they have learned at school over the preceding academic year and enable them to gain some new skills as well.

Whether progressing in Key stage 3, moving up to Key stage 4 or preparing for GCSEs or A Levels in English, some extra tuition in the forthcoming school holidays will prove enormously beneficial for the academic year ahead.

To find out more or to discuss your child’s individual needs, contact me  at rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk or on 01242 251564 / 07840622571.



Building students’ GCSE and A Level confidence at English Tuition Cheltenham

Many of the students I work with suffer from a low level of self confidence and this has a negative impact on many aspects of their lives including their academic performance, particularly at the all-important GCSE and A level stages.

Does your child lack confidence in expressing his or her ideas in the classroom or in written work? This is where English Tuition Cheltenham can help, by instilling self belief and improving students’ ability to articulate their thoughts clearly.

A patient, encouraging and friendly tuition scheme helps children to find their voice and learn to use it with confidence, not only in English but in subjects across the board, improving overall academic performance.

I am an experienced and well-qualified English tutor. I am currently writing a PhD thesis, have both a Master’s in English Literature and a First Class Honours Degree and, equally importantly, have brought up two children. I have taught English at a local further education college and am now working as a private English tutor with great success. I particularly enjoy working with students on a one-to-one basis, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Why not contact me at English Tuition Cheltenham for an informal chat on 01242 251564 / 07840622571 or email me at rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk.


Home Education with English Tuition Cheltenham

If you are home-educating your child you may wish to consider additional support in the all-important subject of English. I can support your home-learning programme with all aspects of English studies, including grammar, punctuation, textual studies, language skills and exam preparation.

English Tuition Cheltenham can help with tutoring sessions for all secondary school age children, including GCSE and A level, so why not ring for an informal chat on 01242 251564 / 0784062251 or email rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk.

Tuition for Mock English GCSE and A level exams at English Tuition Cheltenham

Is your son or daughter panicking about forthcoming mock exams? Is he or she feeling under-prepared and lacking in confidence as these important practice exams loom?

This is where English Tuition Cheltenham can help. A few hours of extra tuition can really help to prepare your child, ensuring that they get maximum benefit from the mock exams and helping them to achieve higher marks in this important subject.

Mock exams give your child an opportunity to prepare for the real exams they will be sitting later in the academic year so this is a valuable opportunity to learn how to get the best marks they can.

If you would like to book some extra tuition for your son or daughter to help improve their performance in their English mock examinations, why not ring for an informal chat on 01242 251564 / 07840622571 or email rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk?


School holiday GCSE and A Level revision sessions at English Tuition Cheltenham

Some students and parents are simply too busy to squeeze extra tuition sessions into a week already crowded with school, homework, sports events and other extra-curricular activities.

This is where English Tuition Cheltenham can help. Rather than trying to fit weekly lessons into your schedule you can book longer, more intense, revision sessions during school holidays. Imagine how much better prepared and more confident your son or daughter could feel as they return to school having had the benefit of extra tutoring during the holidays.

With both half term and the Christmas holidays coming up, your child could improve their future exam prospects by spending a few hours over the school holidays practicing exam papers and revising key texts. You can book slots of one or two hours or even half day sessions.

Why not contact me for an informal chat on 01242 251564 / 07840622571 or email me on rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk.




Grammar Basics @ English Tuition Cheltenham

Have you noticed that your child struggles with the basics of English grammar?

Topics such as the use of the indefinite article are covered early on in your child’s school career and it is then assumed that they know this. However, it sometimes happens that a pupil can still be making mistakes in such basic English usage much later on, even during their secondary school education. You might expect your child to understand when to use ‘an’ rather than ‘a’ and to know why we do this. For example, why do we say ‘an umbrella’ but ‘a university’?

English teachers at your child’s school are often so busy that they do not correct your child’s minor errors, assuming that they really understand what they should do but have just made a slip of the pen. Surprisingly, children are not always familiar with simple grammatical rules, though, having missed this topic at school or forgotten it.

English Tuition Cheltenham can help prepare your child for a new school year by instilling a thorough grasp of English grammar, making all their work more accurate, fluent and better presented. This could make a real difference as your children prepare for success at Key Stage 3, GCSEs and A Levels.

At English Tuition Cheltenham, I offer a friendly, patient and professional service, so why not take a look at my website or contact me by e-mail or telephone – rosalinddavie@englishtuitioncheltenham.co.uk / 01242 251564 / 07840622571.