Grammar Basics @ English Tuition Cheltenham

Have you noticed that your child struggles with the basics of English grammar?

Topics such as the use of the indefinite article are covered early on in your child’s school career and it is then assumed that they know this. However, it sometimes happens that a pupil can still be making mistakes in such basic English usage much later on, even during their secondary school education. You might expect your child to understand when to use ‘an’ rather than ‘a’ and to know why we do this. For example, why do we say ‘an umbrella’ but ‘a university’?

English teachers at your child’s school are often so busy that they do not correct your child’s minor errors, assuming that they really understand what they should do but have just made a slip of the pen. Surprisingly, children are not always familiar with simple grammatical rules, though, having missed this topic at school or forgotten it.

English Tuition Cheltenham can help prepare your child for a new school year by instilling a thorough grasp of English grammar, making all their work more accurate, fluent and better presented. This could make a real difference as your children prepare for success at Key Stage 3, GCSEs and A Levels.

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